Charter for Network of InterAsian Chemistry Educators


1.    Preamble

       The original idea of the Network for Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators (NICE) was initiated by three members of IUPAC Committee of Chemistry Education (CCE), Prof. Choon H. Do  (Korea), Prof. Masato M. Ito (Japan), and

Prof. Mei-Hung Chiu (Taiwan) during the International Conference on Chemical Education (ICCE) in Turkey

in 2004. In February 2006, the delegates from the three countries had a preliminary meeting in Korea and decided

to establish an organization to promote chemistry education in Asian region. The chemical societies of each country will support NICE. The delegates planned to hold meetings regularly. The first symposium was planned

to be held in Seoul in conjunction with the 19th ICCE, 2006.

2.     Name

The name of the organization is Network of Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators (NICE).

  3.  Purposes

The purposes of the NICE are

(1)  To enhance interaction and friendship among chemistry educators in Asian countries,

(2)  To put chemistry education research into practice, and

(3)  To exchange and share experiences and ideas on chemistry teaching and learning.

  4.    Organization

Membership of NICE is open to every country which wishes to join NICE. Chairpersons terms: The terms of

the  first three chairpersons will be as follows:

           1st  - From February to December of 2006 - Prof. Do

           2nd  -From January to December of 2007 - Prof. Chiu

           3rd  -From January 2008 to December of 2009 - Prof. Kamata

  5.  Activities

To accomplish the purposes of NICE, NICE may perform following activities

(1)  holding symposiums,

(2)  publishing,

(3)  providing information through internet, and

(4)  other activities

  6.  Symposium and responsibility of the chair country

NICE will hold a symposium. First symposium was held in Seoul, Korea, in conjunction with the 19th ICCE. Second symposium will be held in Taipei, R.O.C., in 2007. The third symposium will be held in Japan in 2009. Thereafter, the symposium will be held biannually. Chair country has responsibilities to hold a symposium. The host organizer needs to find resources to cover counterpart delegates accommodation and registration fee.

  7.   Others

Other matters follow procedures and ways agreed by the member countries.

  8.   Amendment of the charter

The delegates of the member countries discuss to make any necessary amendment.

  9.  The charter was drafted on February 21, 2006 and approved on July 31, 2007.

10.  The names of delegates when the charter was approved.


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